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8 Minshull Street, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6HG

Behind The Brand

Hello and welcome to Mini and Moi!

I'm Kaley, just your regular mummy obsessed with finding something different to help people smile. Mini and Moi has been a dream of mine since around day 4 of my little mans arrival, when in the middle of the night feed it came to me. I wanted to create a boutique, a home of all things super special, unique and stylish for mummy and mini. A place for mummy to remember herself in the madness. A  place to shop handmade, beautifully bespoke items and gifting packages for you both, all lovingly selected by myself, on a journey to re-find myself.

I have been in fashion buying for some of the largest retailers in the UK since I was 19. I lived and breathed the industry, thriving off creating a range of items people would love in Women's and Childrenswear. It's all I ever knew, I gave everything I had to my career. Since becoming a mum, my priorities have changed like we all find. I had to find a new way to continue doing what I love around the most precious thing I had, my little man. I felt lost for sometime, not knowing which path to take in finding a way for the new me. It was scary, it was confusing and hard to dig deep and find the old confidence I used to have. 

This is when Mini and Moi was born. I revisited my dream and made it happen. I've taught myself how to use Instagram, how to build a website and how to get my own confidence and identity back. Wouldn't it be great if there was a place that offered beautiful and unique things for you both? This is the thought that has kept me going. A house of style designed for the life she loves and her little one, we hope you love it as much as we loved creating it for you, your support means the world x

Fast forward a few years from here and we opened our own store! Check it out... the next phase of our journey x